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Want to sell your car and buy a new one with no hassles? We have the solution!
Through an individualised consult, we can help you sell your car and assist in finding the perfect car suited for your specific needs. Hassle-free!

Eric Hailstones

Your Local Vehicle Expert – Eric Hailstones


To offer consumers the best individualised advice on selling their current car and providing the best options for the purchase of their new car which will be tailored to their needs. This advice will be unbiased and purely to the benefit of the client.


Car Solutions is dedicated to building up the finest car advisory in South Africa with unique and personalised assistance.

We want our clients to get the perfect driving experience with a vehicle which they can afford and ticks all the boxes for them.

About Us

Car Solutions is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for you -whether you are selling or buying a car, or both! We understand these decisions can be stressful and therefore we will provide unbiased advise so that you will be able to get the best deal for you. Our goal is to make your car buying/selling experience a pleasure and a stress-free transaction.

Eric Hailstone 060 963 7354

Eric Hailstone 060 963 7354


Will Gearing 082 782 8413

Will Gearing 082 782 8413

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